A Personal Poshtastic Adventure

Ever met someone that just jumps at the chance at something new?  I am kind of like that, but I research, research, research.  I read, comb social media, Yelp, message boards, you name it to find neat things to try and do. It’s one of the reasons I started this page… I have heard from friends and family “you always find the coolest things. Personally I feel that this was a gift my mother passed on, but I’ll take it. So why not share my fun finds with you?!

My latest personal adventure is no different.  I watched and researched the Perfectly Poshed brand of personal pampering products for many months.  Recently I went on to order some things and realized that I LOVED so many things, I had to become a rep.  No don’t get me wrong, I am not a multi-level marketing maven!  But I know when something has great potential, so after lots of research I took the leap.

I am super excited as the new product line launch is tomorrow at 7 p.m.. Take a look and see what you might like, let me know and I will send you a sample to try.


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Visit to Matoaka Beach

Did you know that  Pocahontas’real name was Matoaka? I didn’t until I did a little research into our most recent adventure. Pocahontas actually was a nickname meaning “naughty one” or “spoiled child.”  Now don’t let me hear ya’ll calling your kids Pocahontas on the playground, the secrets out now!

On to the Matoaka Beach Cabins… We wanted to go seashell hunting and Calvert Cliffs seemed like the next best thing to to Ocean City, and a whole lot closer. The “official” Calvert Cliffs park is only open March through November, so we chose to visit the  Mataoka Beach Cabin site listed here http://www.mgs.md.gov/geology/fossils/fossil_collecting.html

At first sight we were a bit leery. The road leading to the destination was off the beaten path, unpaved, no gravel and lots of mud, thanks to the great meltdown of snow on this 58 degree day! 

We approached the site to see about 5 rustic cabins which are clearly more ideal for a summer visit. The house/office had a closed sign. Well, I’m not a quitter!  We did not drive an hour listening to the kids say “are we there yet” 20 times only to turn around and go home. So I telephoned them and they said “sure come on down to the office.” We paid $16 for a day visit then headed down the walking path to the beach.

  It was a gorgeous day and the beach was beautiful! The kids found several large seashells, but no fossils  or shark teeth. A passerby informed us that the lady at the end of the beach with her special equipment has collected loads of shark teeth, whale teeth and more over the years in this spot.      

 We walked to the southern most point of the beach looking out to the Chesapeake Bay ahead. While not the Bahamas this was just what we needed. The warm sun on our faces and sand beneath our feet.


You are going to miss it…


The day started with great ambitions…a drive to the beach to see the ocean and collect some seashells.  One of the nice things about Maryland, we are only two hours away from the beach.  Yes I know it’s January, but my daughter became obsessed when she saw pictures of all the seashells that washed ashore after the last big storm.

Well our plan got diverted a bit. After a stopping at Dunkin Donuts, then the bank, all said and done it was 11:00 a.m..  In full disclosure we did not get going until 10 a.m.  So,we opted to re-direct our plans and head to the movies.  We tried one of our favorites http://www.horizoncinemas.com/sunValleyMovies. This particular location offers deeply discounted movies, which is great when you are taking 4 people and can see a movie for a mere $15! $3.50 for Kids and $4.50 for adults.  Despite my resistance we saw the “CHIPMUNK” movie.  But after we were sitting in our nice spacious seats in the very large theater, I looked around and saw three happy kids laughing and singing along with the chipmunks.

As Ferris would say…”Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

and yes I know you also think Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was the BEST.Movie. Ever.


Photo credit: http://pasadenamd.macaronikid.com/article/875817/grand-opening-sun-valley-movies


Snowpocalpyse 2016!


I loved these beautiful beautiful pictures snapped by my neighbor (L.Wirth) taken right after the storm. Pictures that make our town look like it has stepped back in time. You can almost hear the stillness, the kind of quite peace that only happens after a good snowfall when it seems like the world has stopped.  No cars zooming to dance and soccer practice or piano. Snow has a funny way of making us take a look around and really “see” the beauty around us. I pass these local land marks every day and never see them quite like this.


An early evening walk with Gracie

We have a great group of neighbors who built a luge behind their house. Everyone had a blast…including daddy! We even got our fearful one to try snowboarding, which was a great way for her to learn! A helmet will be needed if we hit the real slopes       (auntie already scolded me for not making her wear one here!).










A Saturday in February….Burrr

As the threat of “weather” is promised again today, I sit at my kitchen table on teleconference for my school law class. For the next 5 weeks I am taking a class on Saturdays to be eligible for another certification.  Being a multitasking mom is great, school, work, play… the juggling just adds to the adventure!

The kids are on a “mini-adventure” at the YMCA with dad, that goodness for them.  Have you been?  With 12 locations now in Maryland you should give it a try. http://ymaryland.org/  The rock wall and stay and play are a godsend in the winter months. They also let kids who are over eight years old work-out.  Some people like this, others don’t for obvious reasons at busy times.  One of the nice benefits of being a member are the discounts for camps, which there are tons of great options open to your kids throughout the state.  They also have a traditional camp which would be ideal for parents who work outside of the home. The traditional weekly camps has convenient hours and utilize the great amenities in each center, and have a different theme each week to keep your kiddo engaged. Best of all as a member you get a discount!

                             That’s my B on Great Annapolis YMCA Rock Wallunnamed

With more snow falling today we will be planning another visit to Kinder Park in Anne Arundel County soon for some more sledding.  This is a great year-round park with lots to see and do. http://www.kinderfarmpark.org/

Check out our visits below.  They added a neat little place for the goats which we found on a whim.  I was looking for the hours of the new visitor center and saw the goats new home, so we stopped for a little visit.  While we were there we noticed the little graveyard were many of the Kinder family is buried, which made for a good little history lesson for the kids.

Hello Goats! unnamed (5) unnamed (1)unnamed (3)                                                                  The “Big Hill” is a favorite for sledding

New Kinder Park Visitor Centerkinderfarmpark_visitorcenter(9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. (Saturday) 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. (Sunday)

Heading out to an Around the block party tonight so I decided to whip up some cookies featured on Hoast the Toast Blog. She is right these cookies are a hit! I hope the hosts tonight enjoy their little gift! http://hostthetoast.com/best-chewy-cafe-style-chocolate-chip-cookies/


    Don’t they look great!  YUM

Wishing you an great adventures a hop, skip and smile away


Welcome to Maryland Family Adventures!

I love a good adventure, don’t you?  In this little thing called life there are adventures around each corner.  I have been told a time or two…”you always come up with the neatest things to do with your kids.”  I  love to research and find cool festivals, neat little hidden gems and fun new places.  I especially love my home state of Maryland, because there are so many things just a hop, skip and a smile away!


I created this blog to share our family adventure ideas with other Maryland Families, and the many people who choose to make Maryland their vacation destination. Along the way I hope to share a thing or two about our everyday adventures too. So come along for the ride and see what cool things you might find too!