Visit to Matoaka Beach

Did you know that  Pocahontas’real name was Matoaka? I didn’t until I did a little research into our most recent adventure. Pocahontas actually was a nickname meaning “naughty one” or “spoiled child.”  Now don’t let me hear ya’ll calling your kids Pocahontas on the playground, the secrets out now!

On to the Matoaka Beach Cabins… We wanted to go seashell hunting and Calvert Cliffs seemed like the next best thing to to Ocean City, and a whole lot closer. The “official” Calvert Cliffs park is only open March through November, so we chose to visit the  Mataoka Beach Cabin site listed here

At first sight we were a bit leery. The road leading to the destination was off the beaten path, unpaved, no gravel and lots of mud, thanks to the great meltdown of snow on this 58 degree day! 

We approached the site to see about 5 rustic cabins which are clearly more ideal for a summer visit. The house/office had a closed sign. Well, I’m not a quitter!  We did not drive an hour listening to the kids say “are we there yet” 20 times only to turn around and go home. So I telephoned them and they said “sure come on down to the office.” We paid $16 for a day visit then headed down the walking path to the beach.

  It was a gorgeous day and the beach was beautiful! The kids found several large seashells, but no fossils  or shark teeth. A passerby informed us that the lady at the end of the beach with her special equipment has collected loads of shark teeth, whale teeth and more over the years in this spot.      

 We walked to the southern most point of the beach looking out to the Chesapeake Bay ahead. While not the Bahamas this was just what we needed. The warm sun on our faces and sand beneath our feet.



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